For the love of the bike


Team Empire’s Nick “Apex” Brocha has not only ridden, he’s also freestyled his own biography. A filmmaker turned motorcycle freestyle-master, he began riding in his early 20s after saving enough money to buy his own bike. That was when he fell in love with life on two wheels. But he didn’t start getting down and dirty on a bike until 2005.

His production company, Apex Films, shot a sportbike freestyle documentary called “The Revolution,” and he was hooked on freestyling from that point on. During his stint teaching wheelie lessons in a California stunt-bike school, he had his first experience with a Triumph Speed Triple. “A student had an all-black, cut-up ’06. He was struggling with the bike and asked if I could ride it to give him some feedback. Turns out, I didn’t want to give it back.”

“Apex” is drawn to the fun-factor and ability of Triumph bikes. After trying out his new Street Triple, he knew he’d found his perfect bike. “There’s something intoxicating about the sound and feel of the bikes. Rarely do I find motorcycles that were built for enjoyment first. What was my maximum ability on other platforms is my standard on the 675.”

Nick “Apex” Brocha and Team Empire continue to make freestyle videos. We look forward to the upcoming stunts they’re bound to pull on their Triumphs.

For more information on Nick and the rest of Team Empire, click here.

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