License to Thrill


Daredevil, video junkie and lifetime-motorcyclist are all words that sum up Ernie Vigil, part of the freestyling group Team Empire. This stunt pro has truly made motorcycles his life, and whether he’s competing in XDL Sportbike Freestyle, stunt-biking or poring over motorcycling videos, it’s safe to say that Ernie has bikes in his blood.

From the young age of seven when he got his first dirt bike for Christmas, Ernie has been riding his way to the big leagues of streetbike freestyling. His participation in Stuntwars and XDL competitions has proven that he’s a biker to the core, and whether he’s stunting on his Scrambler or competing on his Street Triple, Ernie’s skills never cease to amaze us. Now, he’s making jaw-dropping stunt videos along with his partner Nick “APEX” Brocha and dreaming up ways to customize his next bike.

Ernie loves the adrenaline rush he gets from his motorcycle antics, but he also loves the roar of his bikes’ engines. “The sound is a thing of beauty. I’ll never forget the day I cracked my first inline three-cylinder throttle. Sweet music to my ears!”

Along with the video projects he has created with Team Empire, Ernie was also cast as Jim Carrey’s stunt double in the hit film “Yes Man” and was a stunt consultant for the movie “Terminator: Salvation,” where he was heavily involved in the set-up of the bikes as well as the stunts that were performed.

For more information on Ernie and the rest of Team Empire, click here.

To watch more of Ernie’s videos, check out The Chase and Drift 2.

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