Streetable Horsepower to Spare


Bob Carpenter is a self-professed horsepower junkie who is driven by the constant challenge of making more power, more reliably than anyone else.

The twist for Bob? It has to be usable, streetable horsepower without power adders like turbochargers, superchargers or nitrous oxide. He does it, too, to the tune of 320hp sport bikes (280 rear wheel HP).

It’s easy to overlook Bob and his crew, who work out of his modest Berlin, N.J., performance shop. But there’s nothing modest about Carpenter’s results, which include two national NHRA Pro Stock Championships, land speed records and the first Pro Street motorcycle to run the quarter mile in six seconds at more than 200mph.

“The key to making horsepower is airflow, which is part art and part science,” said Carpenter. “If you only focus on one of those two approaches, you’re not going to get the most performance out of your engine; there’s a very delicate balance between the two.”

Carpenter’s found that balance.

His sport bike engine packages are highly desired by customers nationwide because of their power and ride-ability. Now, as some of his customers long for a more comfortable ride, Bob’s turned his attention to Triumph’s Rocket III.

“A long-time customer, who was used to the 300hp sport bike we built for him, brought me his Rocket III because he wanted a more upright riding position and the stock 120hp just wasn’t enough,” said Carpenter. “We bumped it up to about 240hp at the rear wheel, and after his first weekend back on the bike we started getting calls from other sport bike riders who wanted their own 240hp Rocket. We’ve been building them ever since.”

Please visit Carpenter Racing’s website to learn more about their achievements and Rocket III performance packages.

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